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New Jack was clean and sober for the last three months of his life

Tommy Dreamer shared some wild New Jack stories on the “House of Hardcore” podcast, including one about Jack somehow getting into Canada so he could confront Paul Heyman about getting paid.

Dreamer also talked about Jack’s health issues that were brought on by the things he did in and out of the ring.

Dreamer said, “Towards the end, all that lifestyle messed him up. I know he had some heart issues which he sadly passed away [from]. A lot of people, when he died especially the ECW guys were like man, I’m surprised he lived so long because a lot of what he did took its toll on him later in life besides the physical stuff…”

Dreamer talked about New Jack losing sight in one of his eyes and how it affected him. He said, “I remember I tried booking him for [House of Hardcore] and he was like ‘I’m not in good health right now.’ He pretty much had to lay in bed for a long time. His heart couldn’t take stuff like that. He did come to a House of Hardcore show and I didn’t have steps and he was like ‘I can’t get in the ring.’ … The wrestlers went out of their way to make New Jack look like New Jack from old.”

Dreamer said that while New Jack did some “stupid things,” he also had a wife and family and he was trying hard to stay clean. Dreamer said,  “I also spoke to his wife and she said New Jack for the last three months was clean and sober and trying very very hard to get his act together. Unfortunately, his heart gave out on him. She said he was the happiest he’s ever been.”

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