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New names revealed for the team formerly known as The Revival



Now that The Revival are officially done with WWE, they have picked out their new names.

Scott Dawson has changed his name to @DaxHarwood on Twitter and Dash Wilder has changed his name to @CashWheeler so it looks like those are the names they will use on the independent scene or in AEW if they sign there. The names they chose are basically modified versions of their real names. Dax Harwood's real name is David Harwood and Cash Wheeler's real name is Daniel Wheeler.

They have also trademarked the following:

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Top Guys appears to be their new tag team name. At times in WWE, they would refer to themselves as the Top Guys in promos. As previously noted, it looks like AEW is their destination because the lawyer who has been handling their trademarks is also the same lawyer who handles AEW-related trademarks.

Wheeler revealed their first post-WWE t-shirt. Check out the new FTR t-shirt below, via Pro Wrestling Tees.