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New programming to air this week on the WWE Network

The WWE Network has updated their 24/7 streaming schedule and by looking at they have scheduled, there is some new content that has been added to the Network.

First up, as soon as WWE Monday night RAW goes off the air on the USA Network,  there will be a five minute “Network Exclusive” airing on the WWE Network. That is usually post-Raw programming from the arena. Tough Enough is currently listed after the “Network Exclusive” but I believe the new Jerry Springer show will be airing instead.

On Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern Renée Young’s new show “Unfiltered” will start airing. It runs about 10 minutes. She will be interviewing random Superstars each week and the first episode will feature WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins as her guest.

Then at 8 PM Eastern they will air a 1 hour “Network Exclusive.”

Finally, on Thursday following SmackDown, Chris Jericho will interview Stephanie McMahon on the latest edition of “Live with Chris Jericho.” That is a strategic move because Thursday is the last day of the April free trial and the last chance to push the free trial on TV.



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