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New start time for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV



Over the weekend we noted that WWE would be changing the start time for NXT Takeover beginning with the Takeover: Los Angeles show in November.

It turns out that the change will happen sooner. Dave Meltzer noted on Monday's Wrestling Observer Radio that the time change will start with the Takeover: Brooklyn show. The live show will start at 7 pm eastern.

The shows may run longer than usual but the plan is to keep them under 3 hours so it should be done by 10 pm eastern. Takeover: Brooklyn is one of the biggest Takeover shows of the year since it's part of SummerSlam weekend so there's always a chance it could go longer but the plan is to keep it under 3 hours.

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No word on if they plan on tweaking the format of the show or if there are plans to add another match. Takeover shows always consist of just 5 matches.