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New theory suggests two people are behind the WWE SmackDown hacker videos



There's a lot of fan speculation on social media on who might be behind the SmackDown "hacker" videos that have been airing in recent weeks. The recent videos seem to indicate that this person now has sights set on the SmackDown tag team division for some reason.

A new video posted by a fan adds fuel to the rumors that suggest that two people are behind the videos with a large section of fans believing that one of the people behind the videos is Mustafa Ali. The person who tweeted the video below with the semitones turned up suggests that the other person is Chad Gable.

Gable's name is interesting because there has been talk in recent weeks of repackaging him again when people in management realized that the "Shorty G" gimmick was not working. Vince McMahon likes Gable and felt that the "Shorty G" gimmick would help to give him some personality but it fell flat and he hasn't been used in months. Gable hasn't been seen on SmackDown since February and Ali hasn't been seen on any shows since early February. The last time he wrestled on TV was last December.

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We'll see if this turns out to be Ali and Gable. Check out the clip below and decide for yourself if the audio below sounds like Ali and Gable.