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New trial date set for Oliver Luck’s lawsuit against Vince McMahon

Alpha Entertainment, LLC

Alpha Entertainment, LLC

The lawsuit between Vince McMahon and former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck is still going on.

Luck had filed a lawsuit against McMahon, the ex-owner of the XFL, for wrongful termination as Luck thinks he was fired without cause and under the terms of his contract he is owed his pay for the remaining three years on the contract, which has a personal guarantee attached to it by McMahon.

Luck wants more than $23 million of his contract in addition to damages and attorney fees as he was supposed to make $35 million in the role. McMahon decided to file a countersuit for nearly $600,000 as he alleges Luck abandoned his job when the pandemic hit

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Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that U.S. District Judge Victor Bolden of Connecticut made several rulings of late including a deadline of February 4, 2022, for evidence and told both sides to be ready to go to court on March 7, 2022.

The original trial date was October 8, 2021. It was said a big argument in the case is regarding the contents of Luck’s cell phone that he used for personal usage instead of strictly business. Luck’s side believes McMahon’s side should be prohibited from disclosing personal information from the contents of the phone and now the judge will wait to rule whether those contents are relevant to the case.

Although Luck’s side has also gotten Luck’s deposition sealed, McMahon’s attorney, Jerry McDevitt, has argued Luck may have destroyed evidence not favorable to him on the phone. The judge agreed with McDevitt that this may have happened and now McDevitt wants to cross-examine Luck again before filing a motion regarding evidence spoliation.