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New WWE 2k18 downloadable content announced

2K Games

2K Games

We're coming up on the release of WWE 2k18 and to get people even more excited about the already stacked roster, 2k announced a few more names people will be able to download as part of the game.

Some of these names are legends and others are up-and-coming. But the universal theme is that every one of these names is very exciting to see. These names will certainly become fan favorites to play as when the game finally drops on October 13th.

Drew McIntyre, Beth Pheonix, Elias, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Ruby Riot, The Rock n Roll Express and others have been revealed as some of the newest additions to the WWE 2k18 roster. They will all be available as downloadable content to add to the already extensive list of characters for the game. This kind of news will get fans even more excited about the upcoming 2k game.

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But let us remind you one more time if you'd like to get this game and have a PS3 or X-Box 360, you're going to need an upgrade. Because WWE 2k18 is the first of the franchise only available on the next-gen consoles. But with names like this, an upgrade to your video game system might be worth the investment.

Sasha Banks was especially excited to see the addition of Lars Sullivan.

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