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New WWE trademarks, WWE stars on FOX show, NXT star retiring?, WWE star gets time off

WWE applied for the following trademarks recently:

AWA American Wrestling Association
Beyond the Ring
Crush Couture
Crush Wear
Skull King
Total Divas
Shelton Benjamin

The Miz, Cameron, Eva Marie, and Darren Young will be on an upcoming episode of FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Corey Graves, who has had multiple concussions and has not been cleared to train or wrestle in a while, is making a big announcement at NXT TakeOver. He has been working backstage of late.

Los Matadores were originally supposed to be on the Three Kings Day show in Puerto Rico for the WWC promotion but they are no longer listed on advertising. Diego has been off TV of late but there is nothing to that. He just asked for some time off.

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