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Newly signed Hall Of Famer expected to become very influential in WWE

There is a note on Jeff Jarrett in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The belief is that he will end up becoming very influential in the company, or at least a key guy on the creative team.

Dave Meltzer was told by one person involved about how Jarrett has been working his way up the ladder and the belief is that he’ll be the most influential person in the company before long.

Jarrett is known to be a charming guy once you get to know him. Another thing that helps him is that so many of the people working with WWE have either worked alongside or for him in TNA or have worked for him in Global Force Wrestling.

By all accounts, Jarrett has been doing great since seeking treatment from substance abuse issues a couple of years ago.

The door for Jarrett’s return to WWE opened in 2018 when he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame. It was his first time dealing with the company since his exit in 1999 when he jumped to WCW. For many years, it was believed that he was blacklisted from ever working again for WWE. He was brought in as a surprise entrant for the Royal Rumble and then he was signed to work backstage as a producer.


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