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News on Becky Lynch’s preparation for in-ring return



Fans are still waiting to see Becky Lynch make her return to WWE TV and they will have to stay patient for a bit longer

Fightful Select reported some details about her training process. Lynch has been in the ring as far back as May training at Black and Brave Academy, which is Seth Rollins’ wrestling school.

Those that were there stated Lynch and Rollins are known to train together well. Another person stated that every time they've seen her she looks ring-ready based on drills she's done in front of other people.

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Those in WWE have told the media outlet that they aren't sure when Lynch will return but are operating on the assumption that she will this summer.

It was reported earlier this month that the word is that she will most likely be back in the fall. The talk in WWE is that October is the timeframe when she will probably be back.

It should be noted that WWE just made various filings for merchandise purposes that have “The Man” trademark so they’re preparing for her return in order to cash in when the time is right.