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News on Brock Lesnar, Flair in Magic Mike, HBK’s new deal, first look at The Rock’s new show

Brock Lesnar is scheduled for the December 29th Raw in Washington, DC to begin the build for the Royal Rumble.

Ric Flair has a small role in “Magic Mike XXL.” Kevin Nash is also in that movie and has been training to get in better cosmetic shape for the movie.

Shawn Michaels is the new spokesperson for Smokey Mountain Chew, Inc. It’s a brand of herbal snuff.

The Rock will be hosting a new show on TNT called “Wake Up Call.” I think we mentioned this a few months ago. He encourages people to turn their lives around. It will start airing next month at 9pm. There are no cash prizes and no one gets voted off. Check out the trailer for the show below.

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