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News on if WWE viewed Starrcade as a success



To the happiness of many WWE fans, the company decided to bring back the special live event, Starrcade, for the second straight year. A big event for the NWA and later WCW was a fan favorite show that many people thought should be presented under the WWE banner for years in the past. In 2017, that became a reality but just booked a special house show for those in attendance.

Well, in 2018, the WWE decided to make some changes. Not only would it be a live event but also turned into a one-hour special that aired on WWE’s streaming service, WWE Network.

The event took place on November 24th at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati. Longtime pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported in the latest issue that this event drew 8000 fans. In the last financial conference call for stockholders, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did acknowledge that attendance for live events or better known as house shows were down and vowed to change that by increasing the number of fans who attended.

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As a result of making this a special event with the Starrcade name, it led to an increase of attendance for what typical house shows are doing from a numbers standpoint. By doing so, WWE officials viewed this show as a success.

Another indication that this show was a success comes down to the ranking of it in the most-watched show of the week list on the WWE Network as it ranked first, which means that it beat out 205 Live and NXT.