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News on Kevin Steen and what you can and can't see on the WWE Network in Canada

The reason WWE held off on the Kevin Steen announcement for this week is because they wanted to wait for the WWE Network launch in Candada. He was announced as Canada's own Kevin Steen when he was announced this week. There has been some confusion on the availabliy of the network on cable in Canada. Right now only Rogers Cable has access to the network. Rogers is attempting to make deals with other cable providers.

There are reports from customers saying that they didn't offer a free week even though they promised a free week and even though they are pusing the $9.99 price, in Canada the fee is $11.99. Rogers services less than 20 percent of Canada and the streaming version won't launch for some time. There are people getting the streaming version using a VPN and many people have said that they will keep watching it that way so they can continue to have access to the same library that the United States customers do. One advantage of switching to Rogers cable is the picture quality. It's much better than the streaming version.

If you have Rogers cable you can watch the network on Channel 512 in HD and channel 398 in standard definition. The limited on demand content is on channel 397. NXT is not included because legal reasons.

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