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News on Kurt Angle wanting to return to WWE and what Triple H told him

Based on the angle that TNA shot with Kurt Angle and MVP at the last TV tapings, it looks like Kurt Angle is staying with TNA. Of course, given the way they handled Hulk Hogan and AJ Style’s exit from the company, you never quite know for sure. Angle told, “I can’t really say who I’m going with yet or what company I’m going to sign with. I am going to sign, but I’m going to just sign for one year, and that’s that. I think I’m pretty much done. I’m just going to have the best year I can have. Hopefully it’ll be my best year, and I’m going to retire.”

Angle talked about his conversation with Vince McMahon and said that he was able to make peace with him. It was reported a few months ago that Angle called and talked to Triple H and told him that he wanted to return to WWE. He told Triple H how much he was supposedly making in TNA. The number he gave made Triple H skeptical and he ended up telling Angle to take the TNA deal. After that Angle then called Vince McMahon. McMahon, playing good cop/bad cop, told Angle that Triple H makes the decisions.

Angle said that he will have a press conference to announce where he will be signing and noted that he won’t be cleared to wrestle until January. That delay could just be the wait for TNA to sign their TV deal and then they can announce that Angle is staying once they have their TV deal in place. Angle also claimed that he wouldn’t be at Bound For Glory because contractual disputes. Actually, he won’t be at the show because of the cost to send him to the show and because his TNA deal expired on 9/27.

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