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News on Mark Henry's future with WWE

We've gotten a few emails asking what the deal is with Mark Henry after his loss to Neville on Raw this week. The idea for him is to have him put over younger guys. Henry has already indicated that he will not be signing a new deal with the company when his contract expires. I believe his deal expires in August or September of 2016. WrestleMania could be his last match. It would make sense since the show will be in his home state.

Henry almost retired a couple of years ago before Vince McMahon convinced him to sign another deal. Henry has said in interviews that he'd like to have his retirement match with Daniel Bryan.

"Daniel Bryan is one of my favorite wrestlers. As a talent, as an entertainer, the way our fans love and revere him. There's never been a match he and I have been in where it was bad. He is one that I would definitely like to consider. He's been gone a long time dealing with injuries and I know how that feels and I know that somebody like Daniel with his credentials would be really cool," Henry said in an interview in September with the WNS podcast.

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