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News on Roman Reigns bleeding at WrestleMania, was Brock Lesnar going off script during the match?

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News on Roman Reigns bleeding at WrestleMania, was Brock Lesnar going off script during the match?

Over the past week, there has been a ton of speculation on the brutal elbows delivered by Brock Lesnar to Roman Reigns during the main event of WrestleMania. Did Lesnar go into business for himself? Did Reigns blade? Did Reigns know that Lesnar was going to cut him up?

The truth is that Vince McMahon and Reigns agreed to allow Lesnar to give the elbows and draw hard way juice (real cuts, not a bladejob). The lumps on Reigns’ head the next day are proof that he took real shots to the head.

The other spot that has had people talking is the spot on the German announce table. The announcers were not clued in beforehand and the word on that is that Vince McMahon was upset about it. At this point, you never know if McMahon was working people backstage or if he was legitimately upset.

The reality of the situation is that Reigns is still scheduled to get the belt at some point. It was not in the cards for WrestleMania because McMahon knew that the crowd in New Orleans was going to boo him out of the building and an agreement was made for Lesnar to stick around a little bit longer.

We have more news on what happened backstage between Lesnar and McMahon, what key people were told about the finish of the match, and much more. Click here to read more.

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