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News on Stardust's future with Goldust, released talent, McMahon's bad coffee

As noted earlier this week, the plans are for Goldust and Stardust to continue teaming and if they get over with the crowd then they will challenge for the WWE tag team titles at SummerSlam. If they don't get good reactions then we may finally get them wrestling each other at the show.

Here's a note on last week's angle with the coffee on Raw. One of the McMahon's had bad coffee recently so that is where the angle with the coffee came from. If you missed Raw, Roman Reigns spiked Stephanie's coffee and caused her to throw up on Vickie Guerrero.

Of the wrestlers released last week, the guys that are getting the most bookings are JTG, Curt Hawkins, and Evan Bourne. JTG has been teaming with his old partner Shad Gaspard on shows.

News from Figure Four Weekly was used in this post. Please visit Wrestling for subscription information.

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