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News on the reaction in Russia to the Big Show/Rusev flag angle

As noted last week, the WWE apology for the Big Show/Rusev flag segment was not a real apology and was just part of their storyline. I noted that, in hindsight, it should have been clear since they didn’t remove the video from their website or Youtube account and they replayed the video on their programming.

The indicident did make the Russian news but it was not played up as a big deal. It was the first time that something pro wrestling related made the news over there because in Russia there are few people that know what pro wrestling is. It wasn’t taken as anything that was understood or cared about by the public. Also, the news didn’t get reported until after WWE issued the apology. The angle was edited off on the Russian version of the show. Basically they showed the segment with the flag pulling edited off. What people saw was the flag laying in the ring but it wasn’t obvious unless you were looking for it. The commentators in Russia put over Rusev and Lana as national stars and babyfaces. So, no there was no “international incident” as they tried to portray on Raw and the fan base over there is still very small.

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