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News on what Ronda Rousey was asked to do during segment with Becky Lynch on WWE Raw

You can expect more twists and turns with Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair as they continue with the worked shoot hype for WrestleMania.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they are doing everything to make their feud look real. Back in November at Survivor Series, Rousey told Flair to hit her as hard as possible several times with the kendo stick. Rousey wanted to show off real welts, bruises and blood to put over the vicious attack. When Lynch attacked Flair and Rousey with her crutch, she was told by both to hit them as hard as she could.

This past week on Monday Night Raw when Rousey attacked Lynch, she was told to do everything she would normally do in a real fight, except for punches and kicks to the face. The goal was to make it look as real as possible without causing injury.

The whole idea of the Raw angle was to get over how tough Lynch is because she still showed up on SmackDown Live the following day.

We’ll see if all of this worked shoot hype helps to increase subscribers for the WWE Network but, so far, it seems to have even non-wrestling fans talking.

For those of you that missed it, click here to see Rousey’s YouTube video where she rips on WWE and the fans.

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