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News on what WWE's move to FOX means for the brand split

WWE FOX Vince McMahon

WWE's move to FOX is over 10 months away but there is already speculation on what will be done with the brand split.

WWE needs to maintain high ratings on FOX and that means that star power is needed. However, the company has always looked at Monday Night Raw as the flagship show and they are going to be getting a lot of money from NBCUniversal so they would need to keep some top names on that show.

It sounds like ending the brand split would solve their problems but that is not something that can be done because sources told Dave Meltzer that FOX does not want to cross-promote the same talent as NBC Universal and the expectation is that the brand split will remain.

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There's plenty of time for things to change but it doesn't look like there will be an end to the brand split. FOX has told WWE that they want sports-like programming so we could see major changes to SmackDown Live when it moves to Friday nights in October. The idea is they want the show to be sports-like so they can promote the show across their other sports programming, including the NFL on Thursday night.