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News on when Daniel Bryan is expected to return to action

We mentioned late Monday night that Daniel Bryan is advertised for house shows next month. Here's the latest. There are advertisements for the Pittsburgh Smackdown tapings that feature Daniel Bryan. The advertisement lists a dark match featuring Bryan and The Shield vs Randy Orton and The Wyatt Family. He is also listed on the July 12th house show for Madison Square Garden in a street fight against Triple H for the WWE title. That advertisement started days after Bryan's surgery.

One thing to note is that on the Pittsburgh advertisement that people in WWE don't know if the ad was made before or after the injury so it could have just been something that fell through the cracks. Either way, the word is that Bryan wrestling on June 24th is more than likely not happening but June 29th is his targeted return date if everything goes well. He will probably be on WWE TV regularly over the next several weeks to help build to his return match. Internally, the company is not listing him for the Pittsburgh show but they do have him listed for MSG.

At TV this week the plans were to have Bryan face Kane in a Buried Alive match for the title for the June 29th Money In The Bank show in Boston. It's still up in the air though whether or not Bryan will be ready. If he's not ready by that show then the match may take place at the following pay-per-view (WWE BattleGround).

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