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News on when Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are expected to move up to the main roster

Jason Jordan Chad Gable

The tentative plans for Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are for them to move up to the main roster this fall. Keep in mind that those were the plans before the decision was made to go forward with the brand split so it's possible that they can be moved up much sooner.

Just to show how things change in WWE, it was decided a few weeks before WrestleMania that The Vaudevillains would move up to the main roster. That was known by management but The Vaudevillains didn't find out until the last minute. They were flown to Dallas, along with the rest of the NXT roster, for WrestleMania weekend and they were supposed to fly back to Florida with the NXT crew after Mania. They were told on the day of WrestleMania that they would be debuting on Raw and this meant that WWE had to rebook their tickets.

This might have happened with others because the word was that plans for post-Mania main roster debuts were not finalized until the last minute. Triple H had stated in interviews that he wanted six months worth of plans from creative before moving talents up from NXT to the main roster. Obviously, that has not happened and Tyler Breeze and Neville are just two examples from NXT that haven't been given a solid storyline direction.

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