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News on why WWE had Charlotte take the bullet for last week's controversial angle


You probably know the story right now behind the controversial angle with Paige and Charlotte (Ashley Fliehr) that took place on the Raw before Survivor Series. The promo was scripted without the knowledge of Reid's parents and Ric Flair was unhappy enough to bring it up on his podcast even though Ric never knocks the company out of fear of hurting his daughter's career.

Well, the reason why WWE decided to put the blame on Charlotte for the angle is because a U.K. publication was about to do a story and the direction the story was going concerned WWE so they decided to publicly blame Charlotte with the claim being that she came up with the angle and was insistent on keeping it in the script after WWE wanted to drop it. If you put aside the scripted comments, the pull-apart angle was pretty good and many people in and outside of the company were praising that part of the segment.

Several people close to the situation have denied that Ashley had anything to do with what she was scripted to say and it was described as Ashley having to take the bullet because the company screwed up and they needed a way out of it. It should be noted that there were other things not said in her promo even though they were in the script. The Reid line was still included on Smackdown when they show highlights from Raw, but they dropped it from the video packages that aired during Survivor Series and there were no mentions of Reid.

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