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NFL star isn’t a fan of Brock Lesnar’s part-time status as WWE Universal Champion

Last week we wrote about San Francisco 49’ers tight end George Kittle rushing from a post-game press conference to get to the Tables Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view on time. Kittle showed off his Attitude Era Stone Cold Steve Austin show and was very enthusiastic about attending TLC. He and his team were minutes off a victory over division rivals the Seattle Seahawks.

Recently, Kittle spoke to NBC Sports’ Jennifer Lee Chan about his passion for WWE. During their conversation, Kittle discussed his displeasure with Brock Lesnar’s part-time status as WWE Universal Champion:

“I hate it when there is a champion that doesn’t wrestle every week,” Kittle said. “Brock Lesnar wrestles maybe three times a year. I think that’s kind of hard for fans to watch because you’re not really a champion if you don’t wrestle. A championship match. That’s what really excites me.”

Kittle echoes the feelings of many WWE fans. Don’t expect things to change because he is only scheduled for a few shows between now and WrestleMania. Lesnar is advertised to be at the Royal Rumble go-home edition of Monday Night Raw and he’ll likely be added to a few more shows because he is scheduled for Mania.  Lesnar has yet to sign a fight contract with UFC but if he ends up fighting Daniel Cormier in March then that could severely limit how many times he will appear on WWE programming.

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