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Nia Jax calls out a WWE star for hurting Alexa Bliss during matches



Nia Jax is not known to hold back her true feelings on people, especially if she feels like she or someone close to her is being disrespected.

During a live video stream that included The IIconics, Paige, Natalya and Renee Young, Nia recalled the time she spoke up for Alexa Bliss during her matches with another WWE Superstar.

Nia said, "She was working an angle and she was continuously getting hurt [in a] certain angle with somebody. I remember her not saying anything, specifically because she wanted to be a team player. She was so nervous and she wanted to be a team player...Me personally from the outside looking in, I was so angry. I was like, 'no, she cannot do this anymore.' I personally would not allow her to get back in the ring to get hurt again. I had to go to the higher-ups and I had to put down a certain foot and say, 'listen, Lexi is five foot nothing, 100 pounds getting thrown around like a ragdoll and injured every night.' I was like put me in. I'm a 6 foot 300-pound b*tch. I can handle it. I understand there's a certain thing of being quiet and taking it and being like no, I want to be a team player. And there's another side where it's like sh*t dude, I can't allow to see one of my good friends who I want to be here in five years so I can continue to work getting hurt. I need to stand up and freaking be there for her and make sure that her livelihood is going to be okay when she's done here."

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Nia did not say who she was referring to but many fans have guessed that she's talking about Ronda Rousey. In 2018, Rousey wrestled on several events against Bliss. Bliss was eventually moved away from Rousey and Jax was slotted in matches against her later in the year.

You can click below to hear Nia Jax's comments.

Again, it is not confirmed that Nia was talking about Ronda Rousey but there was a lot of talk of Rousey being rough on Bliss during the summer of 2018. Rousey and Bliss were involved in several segments during that timeframe including the one below: