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Nia Jax comments on criticism from fans of her in-ring work

Nia Jax addressed the criticism from fans about her in-ring work while doing an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport.

Earlier this month, Jax came under fire for a botched spot involving Kairi Sane on an episode of Raw that was taped at the Performance Center.

While some people thought that it wasn’t the fault of Jax, there were others in the company who blamed Jax for the spot. Of course, the incident saw Jax whip Sane into the ring steps, which resulted in Sane hitting her head on the steps that caused her to be busted open.

This wasn’t the first incident involving Jax with questions about her in-ring work and the safety in which she does it. Thus, when this latest incident happened, fans took to social media to bash the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion.

Jax started out by stating, “I feel like every person or character who would say ‘oh, whatever they say doesn’t bother me’ are kind of lying. Because I am working for the approval of an audience. Whether it be hating or loving, I want their reaction.

So when you’re on Twitter and you see it constantly, it can definitely get to you a little bit. It’s like ‘wow, all I’m seeing is negativity.’ But when I step back and I actually immerse myself into the WWE Universe – like when I get to see the crowd and fans – I know that’s just a small percentage on Twitter who have nothing better to do than hate on somebody.”

Jax noted that fans in real life are so welcoming, giving, and understanding. She added that she’s had nothing but positive feedback from them and grateful for that.

Jax also talked about her feud with Asuka for the Raw Women’s Title, her character, and more. You can read the full interview here.


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