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Nia Jax gives her take on people who stand for Ukraine



Nia Jax is trending on social media for her comments earlier today about WWE stars being "miserable" but her latest message posted on her Instagram account may keep her trending for a few more hours.

Jax, real name Lina Fanene, re-posted the following on Instagram: "All these mfs saying 'I stand with Ukraine' couldn't even stand for their own personal rights for 2 years because they were scared to breathe.'

The post (shared from the dc_draino account) is apparently a reference to people who choose to wear masks to prevent from getting COVID-19. Jax has stood with her anti-vaccine beliefs and the belief is, per a report from the New York Post, is that she was let go by WWE in November for not getting vaccinated. Jax claimed that her vaccination status was never brought up as an issue.

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Since her release, Jax has not been shy to express her true thoughts about "everyone" in WWE being "miserable" and in December, she said that Total Divs is 98 percent scripted.