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Nia Jax jokes about her in-ring reputation after awkward spot during Raw match

Nia Jax has a reputation of being stiff while wrestling in the ring and there have been past instances of some scary spots such as Kari Sane going headfirst into the steels steps or Charlotte Flair nearly landing on her head.

Jax decided to have some fun about this topic in a response to a fan on Twitter. On Monday’s episode of Raw, Jax and Shayna Baszler worked a tag team match with Asuka and Lana.

During it, Jax went charging through the ropes to the floor. Many fans thought it was a botched spot. She joked that she was going after Little Jimmy, which is R-Truth’s imaginary friend.

Jax wrote, “Umm, I was charging at Little Jimmy, he had it coming.”

A fan followed up by noting to not hurt Little Jimmy. This led to Jax responding with “Too late. I’m sure the dirt sheets will report that I “legitimately” injured Jimmy and he will be out for 6-8 weeks.”

Fans can expect to see these two tag teams work together again in the near future. 

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