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Nia Jax returns fire at Alexa Bliss with a great social media comeback

Alexa Bliss really messed up when she upset Nia Jax. Now Bliss is preparing to walk into another WrestleMania with the odds stacked against her. Alexa lost the SmackDown Women’s Title to Naomi at last year’s Mania and Nia Jax very well might take home the prize this year.

Bliss didn’t appreciate how she was treated on Raw this week and commented on it in true heel fashion. She said Jax is being rude when she even thinks that she will take her precious Raw Women’s Title.

But the Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls didn’t seem amused whatsoever by this comment. Instead, she came back by reasoning why someone would want to be a bully like Bliss in the first place. It’s an interesting dynamic going into this match because as Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, most of the time in this kind of story the smaller opponent is the babyface and this is obviously not the case with Bliss and Jax.

The fact is Jax is angry now and she feels a need to shut Alexa Bliss up. It might be a good idea for Little Miss Bliss to be careful in the meantime because Nia Jax is plenty ready to take Bliss’ title and shut her mouth in the process and it might just happen before WrestleMania if Nia has anything to say about it.

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