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Nia Jax stands by her anti-vax stance, calls fan a 'soft, weak loser' for saying she was reckless in WWE



Nia Jax (Lina Fanene) is standing firm on her anti-vaccine stance.

The former WWE star quote tweeted a fan on Twitter who brought up an old Instagram screenshot where Fanene said, "The Covid vaccine is 90% effective after 8 months of development when the flu vaccine is 40% effective after 70 years of development. I'll go with my immune system, as it's 99.9% effective."

Today, Fanene tweeted, "Hahaha! I stand by that too. Honey, if you really think that all your favorites don’t feel the same as I do, you’re sadly mistaken. I know a lot of people in many professional sports that just paid & got a real card from a doctor..sooooo"

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Fanene is also punching back at people on Twitter who says he was reckless in the ring. In one tweet, she responded to someone who supported her but felt she needed more training. Fanene's response, "Another soft, weak loser. You sit online and talk about people who actually get out and do things you could only imagine doing."

Fanene's response to someone who said she injured at least three people: "Damn Adam, you got me!! I bet you’re in such a better place in life and are coming on here to dunk on me because you’re a god! Kudos to you!!! kick rocks you loser"

Her response to a question on whether she injured anyone: "First of all, I did not. Second, do you guys just whack off to wrestling dirt sheets all the time or do you actually go out and live your life in the real world? Honest question"

Note: Fanene's anti-vaccine post is not based on science. According to the CDC, vaccinated adults are far less likely to be vaccinated than unvaccinated adults. One of her close friends, Mojo Rawley, recently discussed his battle with COVID-19 and said that he almost died due to the effects from the virus.