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Nia Jax talks about 'perverted ways' of higher ups, lucky ones can use blackmail to keep their jobs



Former WWE star Nia Jax (Lina Fanene) sent out what she says is a "random tweet" about higher ups. She did not mention anyone in WWE by name but it appears that she's talking about certain people who hold power in the company.

Fanene said, "It’s a shame, some people deserve to get the opportunity to shine like the star they really are, but unfortunately certain higher ups can never see past their own perverted ways. Too bad, there aren’t the lucky ones who can use blackmail to keep their jobs. *random tweet*"

This week, the former Ember Moon talked about women in the company being told to dress sexier and to wear more revealing outfits like Mandy Rose. Moon said that last Fall, there was a 2-hour meeting about the subject and Fightul reported that some women refused to attend. Moon said that some of the women at the meeting were uncomfortable with what was being suggested to them. Fanene did not make it clear if this is what she was talking about or if she was referencing the recent NXT releases or something else entirely.

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Fanene has been very outspoken about WWE since she was released last November. In March, she stated that "everyone" in the company is miserable. Fanene tweeted, “lol no thank you! I get calls daily on how everyone is miserable there."

Fanene previously stated that she was called to participate in the Women's Royal Rumble match in January but she declined. Her release in November was reportedly due to not getting vaccinated as the company needed their talent to get the vaccine in order to continue doing shows on the road, especially in international markets.