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Nia Jax will be off WWE TV for an undisclosed amount of time



WWE has announced that Nia Jax will be out of action for an undisclosed amount of time.

As we noted on Monday during Raw, it appeared that they were writing her out of storylines because they had Shayna Baszler attack her elbow on the steel steps. The way things played out, it looked like this was done as a cover to explain why she will be off TV for the foreseeable future.

WWE's storyline explanation for Jax's absence is:

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"Nia Jax suffered an elbow posterior fracture and dislocation to her left elbow which will require surgery, and she will be out for an undisclosed amount of time."

It's not clear if there is a legitimate injury that she is dealing with or if there is another reason for her absence from WWE TV. However, the mention of surgery would indicate that she will be out for a significant amount of time.