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Nice story on Hulk Hogan helping a cancer kid when no cameras were around

Thanks to Chris for sending us the link to the Reddit post (below) about a nice gesture from Hulk Hogan to a kid stricken with cancer. The person that posted the story noted that Hogan reached out to his son and cut him a check to help pay for his medical bills. I believe this would have taken place back in January since that’s when Hogan appeared on Raw when WWE was in Dallas.

This is my first time posting so please bear with me. I hope this comes out right.

Hulk Hogan helped my son when he absolutely didn’t have to. My son and I got to meet Hulk Hogan backstage at a Raw show in Dallas. My son was very sick with cancer. My son is gone now but I will never forget the smile on his face when he got to meet the WWE wrestlers. Hulk Hogan took extra time to make my son feel welcome and there were no cameras present.

Hulk got my cell phone number and I never expected to hear from him but I thought it was a nice gesture. Then a week later I get a call from Hulk and he asks to talk with my son and he gives my son a pep talk telling him to promise him that he will stay strong because he is the number 1 Hulkamaniac and Hulkamania needs him around, etc. At the end of the call he asked for my address and lo and behold about a week later I get a check in the mail and the name on the check says “Terry Bollea.” The check was for $15,000 to go towards my sons medical expenses. Hulk told my son to stay stong and he did.

In light of the recent things in the media I just want to say thank you to Mr. Hulk Hogan. I wish these types of things were reported more because it was clear to me that it was not the first time that this man has reached out to people in need and he did this without any cameras around.

The post above was posted at this link.


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