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Nick Aldis comments on rumors that WWE exec Bruce Prichard is burying his wife Mickie James



Part 2 of the "Battleground Podcast" interview with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis has been posted. Aldis discussed a number of topics, including the return of his wife Mickie James to Monday Night Raw.

Aldis was asked: "Do you think maybe with her return and that kind of thing with who is running the stuff, do you think maybe that was retaliation what you said, or do you think they are being clueless as always?

Aldis responded: "You're not suggesting that the executive director of a publicly-traded company with stockholders and huge television rights fees to maintain would be as petty as to devalue one of his own assets just to get revenge over a response to a feud that he himself started, do you? She is only a sure-fire Hall Of Famer and multiple time champion across multiple promotions and a groundbreaker. Half the women's roster there basically decided they wanted to be wrestlers because of her. Times have changed. The fans have their own opinion and their own voice. These silly, petty, tactics and things, they see through them these days. I don't think anybody saw that and thought, oh, man Mickie James is a jabroni. They saw that for what it was. Look man, she's as good as any woman there is. She is an all-time great. She doesn't need me to fight her battles for her, that's for damn sure. Ultimately, she knows her worth and she can make anything work. I think everybody in the world could smell that stench."

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The executive that Aldis is referring to is Bruce Prichard, who said that Aldis didn't have the "IT Factor" to make it in WWE.

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