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Nick Khan: Companies have made offers, WWE not actively looking to sell

WWE/BT Sport

WWE/BT Sport

Sports Business Journal has an interview up with WWE's Nick Khan about his role as president and chief revenue officer and the future plans for the company.

The mass releases that have taken place over the last year have some wondering if Nick Khan is helping Vince McMahon and WWE get things in order to prepare for a sale.

The SBJ article cited Khan saying that WWE is not actively looking to sell the company. "Khan said the company has taken some inbound calls from companies looking to buy. But he stressed that WWE is not in active conversations trying to sell the company and is not actively looking to sell."

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The article mentioned some of the big media deals cut by the company, including WWE's $1 billion streaming deal with Peacock and the multipart documentary on the life of Vince McMahon that has Bill Simmons as the executive producer.

The article also noted that one of the company strategies is to stage big events on different nights of the week with SummerSlam, for example, moving to Saturday nights. WWE is crediting that move for helping them draw their largest gate in history.

“Obviously, this is a huge opportunity to grow revenue in the live events business,” Khan told SBJ. Khan also mentioned that ticket sales for this month’s Royal Rumble are tracking at an all-time high.