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Nick Khan is becoming a regular presence backstage at WWE shows

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BT Sport

It was noted on Saturday by WrestleVotes that WWE President Nick Khan was backstage at Friday Night SmackDown. Khan is one of the most powerful people in the company and has been credited with making some of the big revenue-generating deals for the company. Some have also credited or blamed him for a lot of the cost cutting this year that is designed to boost the company's profit margins.

Khan's appearance backstage at SmackDown is said to not be an uncommon occurrence.

Ringside News is reporting that Khan has been seen backstage at a lot of WWE TV's lately and he is becoming a fixture backstage so seeing him is not something that is out of the ordinary. A tenured member of the creative team told RSN that Khan being there is not a big deal.

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Khan reportedly travels with Vince McMahon so they can take care of business during their trips. Based on the quarterly earnings report and all of the power that Khan has in the company, it seems like McMahon is happy with the job he is doing.