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Nigel McGuinness comments on joining WWE, being a commentator for NXT, more

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Nigel McGuinness comments on joining WWE, being a commentator for NXT, more

Nigel McGuinness recently spoke with The Mirror to promote the WWE UK Championship Special on the WWE Network this week. After retiring as an in-ring performer in 2011, McGuinness began his career as a color commentator for Ring of Honor alongside Kevin Kelly. Fast forward to December of 2016, WWE announced that McGuinness had signed with the company as an announcer. He made his debut at the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament in January of 2017. During the interview, he was asked about joining the company and commentating the tournament.

“Super proud, it was a strange feeling to be there. I had spent the majority of my career as an in-ring performer trying to get to WWE, which never happened for whatever reason and I had kind of put that all to bed and then when it came around, and I got the phone call saying they were interested in using me in a commentary position and I heard about the tournament, it was like, ‘you just never know what’s around the corner’.” To be there, it kind of put an exclamation point on my career in general. There was a lot of validation there, to be there and be part of such an important night for the British guys and the British sport, to be alongside Michael Cole as well, there is a guy who does not get enough credit for what a talented announcer he is. Even with me working in NXT now, it’s a pleasure to work with him.”

Shortly after the tournament took place, WWE announced that McGuinness would be replacing Corey Graves as the color commentator for NXT as Graves would be a commentator on the RAW brand full-time. When asked about calling matches for NXT, he noted that it has been a lot of fun.

“There are so many guys that I knew from various other places before we got to WWE. So it was almost like I was coming home as well. Everybody has got a great mindset there, and I think it all trickles down, from Triple H and William Regal, who had such a big hand obviously in starting the place up and developing it. Everybody has just got the right mentality there, and I am learning so much, it’s crazy. I had done commentary obviously on and off for the last five or six years, and I learn something every time. Every time I get out there, there is something new that comes up. It’s a real art form. Often people say when you learn a new skill set it helps with your other skill sets. I’m learning about commentary, and I’m sort of learning more about the art form of sports entertainment in general, that I never really appreciated in the past.”

McGuinness also talked about his Ring of Honor run, if commentating was always in his plans after his wrestling career and more. You can read the entire interview here.

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