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Nikki Bella address possible full-time WWE return



Nikki Bella made her in-ring return alongside her sister, Brie, at this year’s Royal Rumble by working the Women’s Royal Rumble bout.

The former WWE Divas Champion previously revealed in October that she was not medically cleared to wrestle by doctors due to her neck history. She stated during this podcast that she was unsure whether she would be ever cleared. Obviously, that changed, but now fans are wondering about her in-ring future.

Bella did an interview with TV Insider to reflect on her time in the match where she started out by noting that it was an incredible moment for them. She stated that there’s nothing like performing in front of a live crowd.

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Nikki did explain why she can't return full-time, which is due to her being a mother. However, The Bella Twins still want to become the Women’s Tag Team Champions and she wants to work with Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley.

"We really hope there is an opportunity to go after the tag titles. Being in the ring with Bianca Belair, I would love to come back and work with Bianca. I would love to come back and work with Rhea [Ripley]. I’m a huge fangirl of hers. Just seeing her presence in the ring-up close, I would die to do a story with her. It felt so cool to be in the ring again with Ronda [Rousey]. She is just awesome and has an incredible presence. We all had a lot of fun in the locker room after. I really missed it, but I’m in mom mode and things are different now. I was sore for a few days. I can’t lie. The show made me think about how we can come back and do more of a story. Unfortunately, where we are at in our lives Brie and I can never be back full-time. We hope there is something soon or in the future that we can come back and do something. Just getting the taste in the ring made us want more.”

Nikki hasn’t worked a singles match since the Evolution pay-per-view in 2018.