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Nikki Bella comments on giving birth just hours before her sister Brie

Nikki Bella took to Twitter today to thank everyone for their support after it was announced on Sunday that she gave birth. Nikki's baby was born on Friday and Brie's baby was born on Saturday.

Nikki tweeted:

"Forgot to put that photo here :) The last few days have been truly incredible! Such a beautiful learning experience, still is, and wow a love like this! Everything you all have said it would be! I’ve never smiled so much with such little sleep. I’m in heaven! I’m so happy!! 💙N"

"And @artemchigvintse is the best Dad! Our baby boy is so lucky. I didn’t think I could love him even more... but goodness I fell more in love with him the past few days. I feel so blessed. Can’t wait for the day to officially makes us a family. ❤️N"

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"And how about that tag team!! I can’t believe Brie & I had boys less than 24 hours apart! Honestly only us! lol And that I beat her. As you can imagine everyone said it was my baby & mines competitive side that kicked in! I can’t wait for our Bellas Boys to grow up together!💙💙N"

"Lastly thank you everyone for so much love and support! I have so many people to get back to you! I have been MIA from my phone so I will work on all that. 💙🤗 All of your love has been truly incredible to us Bellas! ✨N"