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Nikki Bella details how relationship with ex-WWE star ended when he cheated on her

As noted earlier, Nikki and Brie Bella’s new book, “Incomparable,” is available now on Amazon and all book retail locations.

The book covers a lot of their personal life growing up and a lot of what went on behind-the-scenes in WWE.

Nikki told a story about someone she dated before John Cena. In the book, the changes the names of some people and she references this person as “Brad” but it’s no secret that she previously dated Dolph Ziggler before Cena.

Nikki wrote, “We can call this wrestler Brad. He was loud, and hilarious, and loved attention. After matches, we would all end up at the hotel bar, and he was always there to make everyone laugh, with a smart-ass joke for every occasion. He would look at me in a certain way, knowing that it would make me feel a certain way—he knew exactly what he was doing. He teased me a lot, too, the way you tease a girl you like in third grade. And he would make himself challenging—every girl loves a challenge. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that Brad knew how to hook a girl. And then mind-f*ck her.”

Nikki continued, “We started sleeping together, though that did not deter him from openly and aggressively flirting with other girls.”

Nikki doesn’t hold back on how things went in the bedroom with this person. She wrote, “I loved having sex with him, which only complicated matters. We had great chemistry in the bedroom, and he was still making me laugh. But he was a little cruel, too. He thought very little about protecting my feelings. I think he thrived on that gray area, that middle ground, where I was constantly left questioning the boundaries of our relationship with a big “What the hell are we?”

Nikki says that she and “Brad” eventually settled into what felt like an adult relationship for year. She says the relationship ended when she saw messages to “Brad” on his Myspace account from another woman.

Nikki wrote, “The messages were from one of my closest friends at WWE—a girl who had come to San Diego to see my family with me two nights before she apparently banged my man for the first time.”

Nikki went on to say good things about “Brad” and said that they are still friends to this day.

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