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Nikki Bella has a message for John Cena on what would have been their 6th anniversary together

Nikki Bella and John Cena say they are done for real but Nikki wants the world to know how much John has changed her life. On what would have been their 6th anniversary as a couple, she wrote, "You've changed me forever. And I'll never forget you."

The Total Bellas star says things were officially called off shortly after the season finale of the show after they tried to work things out and after doing some soulsearching.

Cena sent out a tweet that came off to some like he was throwing shade at her. "The promises you make mean nothing compared to those you keep," he wrote.

That could be a reference to the promise they made to get married or it could be some random quote about something else but the timing is interesting considering it was posted on their anniversary date.

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On the season finale of Total Bellas, she said that she wanted everything to work out with John but things weren't meant to be.

As noted here before, there was some truth to their break-up drama. There was a time when they really did break-up and there was a wedding planned that the E! Network was going to pay for. The rest of the story is confusing and there has been a ton of skepticism on what is real and what was said to garner ratings for Total Bellas. People close to the couple have been sworn to secrecy on how much of the drama is real or fake for the cameras.

The show will return for season 4 so we could see more of the Nikki Bella/John Cena drama continue.