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Nikki Bella reacts after flirty photos of her with 21-year-old man are posted online



Nikki Bella appeared to get flirty with a 21-year-old bartender while in Miami this week. As previously noted, the cast of Total Divas was in Miami this week filming for the upcoming season. However, according to Bella, it was just a prank and things were not exactly as they seem in the photos.

Bella told TMZ that the 21-year old model was hired to serve drinks at the penthouse where she was staying with fellow Total Divas cast members.

Bella says that she decided to bring the guy out to the balcony to do some fake flirting as a way to mess with the paparazzi that has been taking photos of the cast this week. The story was picked up online as her "canoodling" with a Miami man but she says that is not what she intended.

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Bella told TMZ that she is not dating anyone else and she is trying to work things out with John Cena. Now, keep in mind that it has already been reported elsewhere that she is already back together with Cena.

Anyway, she says the flirty photos are nothing and they were a joke. Considering that Total Divas cameras and fellow castmates were present, I would take her word on this.

Check out the photos below: