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Nikki Bella responds to The Young Bucks’ Total Divas comment on Twitter

We previously mentioned that the new trailer for the upcoming season of Total Divas featured a lot of references to “All In.”

The advert repeatedly used the phrase in the following ways:

“The Total Divas are All In
All In for Winning
All In for Sisterhood
All In for Change
All In for Everyone and Everything”

This confused a lot of professional wrestling fans, who didn’t know if this was an intentional jab at the upcoming self-funded September 1st show, or a coincidental mistake on E!’s part. Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks recently responded to the advertisement on Twitter. He posted a GIF of Cody Rhodes doing the old Hulk Hogan ear gesture:

Nikki Bella responded to Jackson on Twitter and admitted that she and the cast reacted the same way when they first saw the promo:

Season 8 of Total Divas is scheduled to premiere for E! on September 19th. Cody Rhodes’ and The Young Bucks’ “All In” event goes down on September 1st from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

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