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Nikki Bella reveals she was raped twice as a teenager

Nikki Bella is opening up on her life and career in her new memoir titled “Incomparable.” The book was co-written by sister Brie Bella.

Nikki reveals in the memoir that she was the victim of a sexual assault twice in her life. She says she was raped when she was 15 years old by someone she thought was a friend.

She says it happened again at age 16 after being drugged by a man who was in college at the time.

Nikki wrote the following in the book: “There is the horrible offense in the moment, and then the shame and blame that follow and feel almost worse than the original pain.” She continued, “When something like this happens to you, you understand the blame-the-victim mentality, how easy it is to feel shame rather than anger, how easy it is to feel like you could have stopped it yourself.”

Nikki told People Magazine that she felt ashamed and would blame herself so she kept it a secret. The incidents, she says, caused her to lose her confidence in herself and that caused her to allow people to disrespect her because she felt it was what she deserved.

The book has tons of never-before-told stories on Nikki and Brie’s days growing up, their career in WWE and much more. The book is available today in bookstores and on

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