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Nikkita Lyons on looking up to Ronda Rousey: "I had a post of her on my wall throughout middle school and high school."



NXT's Nikkita Lyons was the guest on this week's "Out Of Character with Ryan Satin" where she discussed her pre-wrestling life, how she got interested in wrestling, and being followed on social media by Ronda Rousey and Drake.

Nikkita talking about her career before wrestling:

"I did an AT&T commercial. That was my very first one when I was four and that aired during the World Series in 2004. Then I did an AOL commercial. I did a feature film called 'The Dying Gaul', and I played Patricia Clarkson's daughter. That was all booked in the same month," Lyons said.

"But keep in mind, I was four years old, and I looked four years old. But as I got into my teen years, I grew to five foot eight at 11 or 12 years old. I became a little curvier. So it's a hard grind. You're going to get a lot of rejection in the entertainment industry. You have to look like this, dye your hair, you need to be this and that, whatever. So the age of four through six was awesome for acting at that time."

"Yeah, here we are now. So you have to have thick skin basically is my message with that. You got to be okay with being told no."

Nikkita talking about when she first started watching wrestling:

"I want to say probably, like preteen years. When I was flipping through channels, I landed on WWE," she said.

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"I remember the moment. We were watching TV together (with her mom). I want to say I was 12 or 13. We started watching a women's match. I was like, 'Maybe one day I could do that'. But at the time, I didn't realize that I would actually end up falling in love with it. I saw it, and I was like, 'Oh, that's really cool.' I had no idea how to get into it. I was like, 'This is awesome. It's sports entertainment.'"

"But I was 12 or 13. I was going here and there and trying to figure out who I was."

How she got started in wrestling:

"My mom actually came across the audition for WOW. That's how I got into it. I went to the first audition. It was in person meeting the producers and the coaches. It went really well. The callback was in the ring. That was my very first time taking rolls and bumps and doing all of that. I was like, 'This is freaking cool.' I loved it. That's really when I fell in love with it."

"Then I want to say it was 2019, I was actually approached by a recruiter that ironically ran into my dad at one of the WOW shows. He was like, 'Hey, I'm recruiting for WWE. She's really good.' My dad was like, 'That's my daughter.' So it's just funny how that works. But at the time, I felt like I was just not ready. Like, honestly, when I was 19 years old, I was nervous and just getting into this, like, I have no idea really what I'm doing fully."

On Ronda Rousey and Drake following her on social media after her NXT debut:

"I have been looking up to her (Ronda Rousey) forever. When she was making women tap out in 15 seconds, I had a post of her on my wall throughout middle school and high school."

"I actually had a friend of mine DM me and he was like, 'Hey, Drake is following you.' I was like, 'What?', because I didn't even know until my friend told me. I've been following him as an artist for the longest time. Every song that he touches is a banger. So my goal as a female artist as well, is to also do that. That was, I feel, like a manifestation for me almost, because it felt like being a step closer to that possibly happening.”

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