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No plans for Shane McMahon to return to WWE TV

Back in July, we first reported here on that the plan for the Kevin Owens-Shane McMahon feud was to phase McMahon off of TV because they wanted to eliminate authority figures. The authority figure role has been a big part of WWE television since the late 90s and people in the company came to the realization that they needed to move in another direction.

During the first episode of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX, McMahon lost a “loser leaves WWE” ladder match to Kevin Owens and that meant that McMahon was “fired” from WWE, essentially taking him off WWE television.

During the Q&A portion on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about McMahon’s status. Meltzer said, “he’s got nothing right now. You’re never gone. It appears that he is not going to be on TV for a while.”

To add to what Meltzer said, a company source told me that there are currently no plans for Shane McMahon to return to TV. Of course, things can always change in WWE, especially if Vince McMahon feels the need to “shake things up” again if ratings drop for Raw or Friday Night SmackDown. For the most part, although he had a lot of input in his own storylines, Shane did not have much of a backstage role and his main role with the company was just to be a TV character.

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