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No Way Jose says he pitched the WWE 24/7 title idea 6 months before it was introduced on TV



Former WWE star No Way Jose (Levy Valenz) was interviewed on the Wrestling Perspective podcast.

Valenz said he pitched ideas weekly that were turned down while in NXT/WWE including the idea of the 24/7 championship:

“Ok, I’m going to say it, and I don’t know how many people have claimed this, but in December of, God, when did that title come out? I may have the year wrong, but in December 2018, I wrote to my writer, and I word for word said, ‘What if we do a 24/7 championship? What if we do a 24/7 title that gives everybody something to do?’, because I wasn’t doing sh*t.

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I was like, they’re not going to put me in this title run, that title run, that title run. They didn’t want to do Hardcore, so I was like, ‘What if we do a 24/7?’ He straight up said, ‘No, that’s not an idea we want at this time.’ I was like, alright, whatever. I just kept rolling with other ideas. I legitimately remember that. Six months later, here comes the title.”

The 24/7 Championship, which is somewhat of an offshoot of the old Hardcore Championship, is still active on WWE TV with Reggie as the champion.

Valenz made his return to pro wrestling with Impact Wrestling in July at Slammiversary. He is taking bookings at

You can listen to the Wrestling Perspective podcast by clicking below.