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Not everyone in WWE supported what CM Punk said last week; Backstage WWE reaction

The word within WWE is that most, but not all, of the WWE talent loved what CM Punk said last week on the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana. Many of them were not happy about him complaining about the way he was booked since he was booked better than most of the roster over the past three years. The feeling is that while he complained about putting over The Rock, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker in 2013, most of the talent would have loved to have been in his position to work twice with The Rock, then work against The Undertaker, and SummerSlam with Lesnar. One major name said they saw Punk’s side about the medical issues but felt most of the interview was “sour grapes.”

Many felt that he came off bad when he complained about being booked to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania. They noted that it was a top match that would get plenty of time to be promoted. Punk’s argument is that you have to be in the main event spot at WrestleMania to get top pay. Some said that “there’s two sides to every story” but the the general consensus is that what he said about his WWE experience is what many of the current talent would say. The one difference is that he made more money than all except a few guys and the talent in WWE admired the fact that he had the balls to say what he said last week.

One person who knows several of the top talents said there was a feeling that the Ryback comments were unprofessional and cheap and that no one bought the story that Ryback kicked him hard enough to break his ribs. There is a feeling, however, that Punk came off like a genius with the way he handled the situation. There’s supposedly a lot of hate for Colt Cabana, according to one person there and some say that Punk was bitter. Almost nobody had any sympathy for the injury stuff since every top talent on the roster works a full schedule with injuries.

So basically nobody agreed 100 percent with everything Punk said.

There is much more news on the backstage reaction on this story including what the talent thought about more reactions on what Punk said about Triple H. Many more details are available in the current Wrestling Observer newsletter.

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