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Now confirmed, Cody Rhodes has signed with WWE

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

After many weeks of rumors about his status, it is now confirmed that Cody Rhodes has signed with WWE.

PWInsider reported today that Rhodes, according to multiple sources, signed his deal about 10-14 days ago and the plan is for him to debut during WrestleMania weekend. The early word is that he will be part of the Raw brand.

As many of you are aware by now, WWE has been teasing Rhodes on their shows and as of last Friday, he was listed internally for WrestleMania. The match listed for him is against Seth Rollins. Per the Raw storylines, Rollins currently does not have a path to Mania after losing his last opportunity this past Monday in a match with Kevin Owens.

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Based on PWInsider's report, it looks like we won't see Rhodes on Raw leading up to WrestleMania.