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NXT special to air in Japan, crazy Raw stat, The Rock & Bruce Willis in Transformers 5?

The NXT Takeover special will also air on J Sports 4 in Japan at 10am Friday Morning in Japan just like the last special did. They are airing it on J Sports 4 because Hideo Itami is wrestling on the show. The last one aired live because it was KENTA’s debut as Itami.

Here’s a really interesting stat on Raw that was sent in to this week’s Wrestling Observer newsletter. Emerson Whitner noted that so far this year there have been 48 episodes of Raw and 24 of them have had non-finishes in the main event.

There are rumors in Hollywood that The Rock will be in Transformers 5. The rumors say that he will be with Bruce Willis in the next movie. Johnson’s show “Wake Up Call” premieres next month. Click here to check out the trailer for that show.

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